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After living in Florida most of my adult life and being able to live by the ocean I have developed a love for the sea and sea life. Owning an Interior Decorating business and having a store for 17 years, I was ready for a change in my life. My first and only granddaughter was born in 2013. I loved buying darling clothes for her. At that point, I was inspired to start my own children’s line called “Snicklefritz” by Dalana Bell. A portion of our line is inspired from my love for the ocean, and our logo the Octopus is one of my favorite sea creatures. From our sea life and modern designs to our ruffled girly-girl look there is a little something for every taste. At Dalana Bell Designs, we also offer an affordable woman’s clothing and accessories line, as well as home accessories. We truly hope you are inspired by our website as much as we are and we appreciate all your business.

Dalana Bell